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Here's what our facilitators have to say!


A Breakthrough System for Equine-Assisted Coaches who desire a thriving practice and MASSIVE results for their clients!


There are many equine certifications out there, so how do you know if the Equine Wisdom Integration Method (EWIM™) is the right fit for you?  


Here are some questions to help determine if this program will align with your values and vision:

1.) Are you a coach or mental health practitioner that is seeking a deep, spiritual process that also incorporates psychological, behavioral, neuroscientific, and metaphysical healing? A method that speaks to your clients on an intrinsic level,  facilitating them, with the guidance of a horse, on a journey of sustainable self-healing, so they can  move forward with the purpose and passion to create a thriving life?


2.) Do you dream of running a wildly successful practice that allows you to incorporate your own special gifts and talents, effortlessly attract quality clients, and make more so you can give more?

3.) Is the health and welfare of your horses of utmost importance to you? Are you pulled to connect with,  communicate, and understand your horses on an energetic level as you pass their divine wisdom to your clients in a safe way that brings purpose and inspiration to your equine partners?

4.) Is having a turn-key business plan/launch and indefinite support to reach your high level practice goals of utmost importance to you?


If you answered yes to these four questions, then you are a great candidate for becoming an Equine Wisdom Integration Practitioner. 


What makes EWIM™ different from other Equine Certifications is the process used to integrate the wisdom of the horse into the human. These insights paired with a natural law-based curriculum lead to powerful and life-changing results in a very short amount of time that produce lasting effects. Restoring the mind/body connection is essential for healing, especially with a trauma focus, and the process taught in this method produces guaranteed results. 

Horses are intuitive beings who are empathic. They have the unique ability to read, interpret and reflect the life inside of humans. The journey into equine wisdom is unlike any other experience on the planet. This unique course offers a deeper look into the transference of information through morphic resonance by teaching equine wisdom related to the quantum field and conservation laws.

What does it take to become an  EWIM™ Facilitator?

The very first quality required of an EWIM™ Facilitator is they have trust beyond measure that there is a universal order and collective consciousness that connects and governs us as human beings. 


Second, EWIM™ Facilitators have been through some form of challenge in life, and come out the other side with a passion to serve humanity. EWIM™ facilitators walk the talk. The work done in this method ALWAYS starts with self and there is a radical commitment to taking discomfort "head on" in order to find the truth. 


Although it may sound counter intuitive, the one thing it DOES NOT take to become an EWIM™ Facilitator is a lot of horse experience. Regardless of your skill level with horses, you will learn to look at them in a COMPLETELY different light. If what you've just read speaks to your soul, book a call with us today to start

the application process. We are now accepting applications for the 2022 EWIM Certification Program. 

Unable to attend in person? No problem! We also offer an online only version of each module. The on-site sessions will be  recorded and shared and weekly calls will remain the same. The practicums can be recorded from your farm and submitted for certification. 

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