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Here's what our facilitators have to say!


A Breakthrough System for Equine-Assisted Coaches who desire a thriving practice and MASSIVE results for their clients!


Discover the perfect equine certification that aligns with your values and vision: the Equine Wisdom Integration Method (EWIM™). But how do you know if it's the right fit for you? Let's find out:

1.) Are you a coach or mental health practitioner looking for a comprehensive approach that combines spiritual, psychological, behavioral, neuroscientific, and metaphysical healing? Do you want to guide your clients on a profound self-healing journey, supported by the wisdom of horses, empowering them to create a thriving life fueled by purpose and passion?

2.) Do you dream of running a highly successful practice where you can utilize your unique gifts, effortlessly attract quality clients, and achieve financial abundance that allows you to give back more?

3.) Is the well-being of your horses a top priority? Are you drawn to connect, communicate, and understand your equine partners on an energetic level, ensuring their safety and allowing their divine wisdom to inspire your clients?

4.) Do you value having a turn-key business plan, along with ongoing support to help you achieve your practice goals at the highest level?

If your answer is a resounding "yes" to these questions, then you are an ideal candidate to become an Equine Wisdom Integration Practitioner.

What sets EWIM™ apart from other equine certifications is the integration process, which combines the profound wisdom of horses with a curriculum rooted in natural laws. This approach yields powerful, life-changing results in a remarkably short time, with lasting effects. Restoring the mind-body connection, especially in trauma-focused work, is crucial for healing, and EWIM™ guarantees results through its proven process.

Horses are intuitive, empathic beings with a remarkable ability to perceive and reflect the inner world of humans. The journey into equine wisdom is unparalleled, offering an extraordinary experience like no other. Our unique course delves deeper into the transference of information through morphic resonance, teaching equine wisdom connected to the quantum field and conservation laws.

Choose the Equine Wisdom Integration Method™ and embark on a transformative path where the wisdom of horses merges with the human experience. Experience profound healing, accelerated growth, and a connection to the quantum realm. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to tap into the extraordinary power of equine wisdom.

What does it take to become an  EWIM™ Facilitator?


The first and foremost quality expected of every EWIM™ Facilitator is an unwavering trust in the universal order and the collective consciousness that binds us as human beings.

Moreover, EWIM™ Facilitators have personally encountered life's challenges and emerged with a burning desire to serve humanity. They lead by example, as the foundation of this method is rooted in self-work, embracing discomfort head-on, and uncovering profound truths.

Surprisingly, extensive horse experience is not a prerequisite to becoming an EWIM™ Facilitator. Regardless of your current skill level, you will develop a completely new perspective when working with horses. If these words resonate with your soul, take the next step by booking a call with us today to initiate the application process. Applications for the 2022 EWIM Certification Program are now open.

What does the process to become an  EWIM™ Facilitator look like?

Unlock your full potential as an Equine Wisdom Integration Method™ practitioner with our comprehensive certification program consisting of three levels. Each level offers unique training and skills to enhance your journey as a facilitator:

Level 1: Connect and Transform In Level 1, you'll delve into the art of energetically connecting with horses and mastering the facilitation of Equine Communication Charts in one-on-one settings. Develop a profound understanding of the horse-human connection and harness their wisdom for transformative client sessions.

Level 2: Expand and Empower Take your facilitation skills to the next level in Level 2, where you'll dive into a comprehensive curriculum and learn how to effectively facilitate groups. Gain insights on creating dynamic and impactful workshops, harnessing the collective energy of participants for transformative experiences.

Level 3: Advanced Facilitation For those seeking the pinnacle of equine-guided facilitation, Level 3 offers advanced training that delves into the depths of the Equine Wisdom Integration Method™. Refine your skills, explore advanced techniques, and elevate your ability to guide clients through profound healing and growth.

But that's not all! Alongside the certification levels, we also offer a dedicated business-building course. Learn the essential strategies and tools to establish and grow your equine-guided practice, attract quality clients, and create a thriving business that aligns with your passion and purpose.

Embark on this transformative journey and become a certified Equine Wisdom Integration Method™ practitioner. Unleash your potential, make a meaningful impact, and build a successful practice that empowers both you and your clients. Enroll now and unlock a world of possibilities.

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