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H O W   WE   C A N   H E L P


The Equine Wisdom Institute has many ways to immerse both equestrians and equine-partnered facilitators into the deep connection and healing that takes place between horse and human energy fields.

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Equine Communication

Have you ever wished your horse could speak to you? Well now they can! The Equine Communication Chart allows your horse to give you clear and meaningful feedback based on the energy of the meridian system and the morphic field. 

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Reflection-Based Horsemanship

As above, so below. As within, so without. RBH is rooted in the premise that horses reflect the life inside of the human. When we learn that horse behavior is simply feedback, we can receive life-changing feedback from our equine partners resulting in deep connection. 

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Are you tired of feeling stuck in the hamster wheel of personal development and healing? These 4-day retreats are absolutely life-changing because we don't focus on changing you, we help you return home to self.  

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Connection Clinics

In just one day, you can completely transform the relationship between you aren your equine partner. Find out what your horse REALLY wants you to know, and move forward with communication and connection like never before!

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EWIM™ Facilitator


Whether you've been an equine practitioner for years, or you're completely new to the field, you will find that EWIM™ is a unique and invaluable facilitation model that graduates practitioners who have massive impact and incredible success!


Online Coaching for Practitioners

Are you a practitioner who is feeling stuck or would like to enhance your skills? We offer one off coaching calls and packages to get your equine-partnered business thriving! Book a clarity call today.

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H O R S E M A N S H I P   T E S T I M O N I A L

" I am forever grateful for this work. Dolly has turned in to the most amazing horse! I owe my confidence and ability to connect with her all to Reflection-Based Horsemanship. She has transformed into such a willing partner. "

- Diana Palinski-Roberts

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