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Amanda Held

Founder & CEO




About Amanda

Amanda Held is a Founder, CEO, Horse & Human Potential Practitioner, Healing Facilitator, Published Author, and Air Force First Sergeant. Through decades of studying horse and human behavior, Amanda has developed powerful insights and evidence-based solutions that help both horses and humans actualize their full potential. Amanda's passion is to deliver powerful workshops and retreats that create a clear path for participants to access deep levels of awareness and move into self-mastery. Amanda has earned a place in the 2022 Success Magazine's "125 People of Influence" by spending over a decade empowering veterans, equestrians, mental health practitioners, facilitators, executives, and businesses, from grassroots to Fortune 50, gain the clarity and confidence necessary to obtain their high-level goals with ease.


Amanda has also developed The Equine Wisdom Integration Method™ and Reflection-Based Horsemanship™, in which she teaches other equine-assisted facilitators and equestrians who are seeking a deeper understanding of and connection with both themselves and their equine partners. 


Author - The Little Book of Questions for Massive Transformation

Creator-  Patriot & Rowan's Journey Through Grief

Success Magazine -125 People of Influence - 2022

The Veterans Channel 

Hungry Heroes with Dan Ball - 2021

Toledo Ohio - 3 time Hometown Hero 2018, 2019, 2022

Toledo Limelight - Showcasing People Making a Difference - 2022

Toledo Community Impact Award - 2022

Key Note Speaker - Women's Wellness Event, U.P.S. National Women's Leadership Summit, & PEAK Financial Event of the Year - 2022


Formal Education

Aug 2003 - Sep 2005

Sep 2005 - Sep 2007

Sep 2005 - Oct 2007

May 2015 - May 2017

Oct 2018 - Jun 2022

Associates Business Management, Owens CC, 2005


Associates Sales & Marketing, Owens CC, 2007

Associates Human Resources, CC Air Force, 2007

Bachelors Organizational Management, Ashford 2017

Masters Psychology, Ashford Jun 2022

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