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The Story of the Equine Wisdom Insitiute

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The creation of the Equine Wisdom Institute can be summarized in two ideas. The first is a continuum  of divinely serendipitous moments combined over half a lifetime. The second is unwavering faith and trust that the Grand Organizer of the Divine (God) brings forth challenges (sometimes immense) to prepare and equip you for your life purpose.


The past decade has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, as well as gains and losses. The beauty of it all is that the wisdom acquired through this process has been invaluable, and is now ready to be shared with all who feel drawn to this work.  

My passion for horses was placed in my DNA. And throughout the past 40 years, I have been unable to shake the incredible magnetism that I experience every time I am in their presence.  While the journey began at age 4, when I convinced my mother to get my riding lessons, the true magic happened when my life was saved by a wild mustang filly. Our bond was the key that unlocked the beginning of  Reflection Based Horsemanship™ and lead me on a humbling journey to truly understand the language of the horse. 

After working with hundreds of challenged horses and owners and founding an equine assisted coaching program, I began to see undeniable  patterns in the way the horses were responding to people, and an almost instant and unexplainable shift in the horse within a few moments of working together, I knew there had to be more than just "natural horsemanship" or "mirroring" going on. There was actually a conversation happening on a deeper level. A conversation that is innate to the horse and holds convicting and life changing information. 

After a miraculous encounter with a friends horse, I was given a download pertaining to equine communication. From that download I created a chart, and have since worked with over 150 individuals  to test it out. The results were mind blowing! By combining the interaction between clients and horses, my own personal downloads, the profound discoveries, and the deep desire for mankind to take their knowledge to a deeper level, the Equine Wisdom Institute was born. 

At the Equine Wisdom Institute we strive to take the relationship between horse and human to a deeper level through reflection based communication, facilitation, and connection. 

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